Monday, March 26, 2007

A história

Nice and Sweet
You said: "I wanna to die for you"… You cry and I'm repeating all the stories again. You're standing there for so long, And it's so hard, that I finally found, it's heaven in your eyes. Innocence? Why? Why we survive? It's you, and you three million ways to make noise [to make me smile…] You really don't know, you really don't see, you really got a light I'll find you… Because you are a nice and sweet boy and, I wrote this song just for yourself. And you have a nice and sweet girl. You are a nice and sweet boy, I wrote this song just for yourself… Just say you can lie, dissolving all the truth of your love… But you can't say no, you try to, and I try to be around you… Substitute your only trouble by a bottle full of water just to prove this love about you… I someone ever found her, put a sign inside you: “There's only one love. It's only one love, and it's only your love."
The Gift

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Snowman said...

Porque será que conheço esta história? Porque será que conheço a personagem tão bem? És mesmo um presente...